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    10 Feelings Of A First Time Dressmaker

    New to dressmaking? There are a lot of feelings that accompany this art, including elation, confusion, and deep regret. Find out what's in store for you before you begin this life-changing journey.

    1. A heightened sense of superiority.


    Your friends will be so jealous of your mad skill.

    2. Uncontainable enthusiasm while thinking about the other projects you'll make.

    Maybe you'll make a matching clutch and bolero tonight to match!

    3. Complete ignorance over the amount of fabric you actually need to make an article of clothing.


    One yard of fabric is good, right?

    4. A puzzling displeasure that the project doesn't somehow start itself when you sit down to sew.

    Via Desilu Productions


    5. A sense of blame towards the people in charge of sewing.

    Via Walt Disney Productions

    How were you supposed to know that a proper pattern, fabric prep, and correct needle size were necessary for this process?

    6. Rage.

    After finally putting the whole piece together, you realize you sewed the wrong side.

    7. Humility.

    Via Walt Disney Productions

    You admit defeat and start over.

    8. Panic. The dress doesn't seem to fit.

    Via Walt Disney Productions

    You shouldn't have had your friends watch you try it on for the first time.

    9. An emotional cocktail of uncertainty and regret.

    Via Imagine Entertainment

    Was this whole thing a mistake?

    10. Satisfaction.

    Via Paramount Pictures

    Because even though you and your friends know it looks awful, you can still proudly say, "I made it myself," when people ask about the dress.

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