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    8 Ways Economic Inequality In America Is Like the 'Hunger Games'

    The economic inequality highlighted in “The Hunger Games’” fictional world of Panem (where the Capitol owns everything and the districts have zilch) might seem like just a plot device in a dystopian tale, but it’s truer than you think. Here are eight facts about economic inequality and the minimum wage.

    1. Rich Are Getting Richer

    2. Low Wages Cost Taxpayers Billions Per Year

    3. Tipped Workers Only Make $2.13 an Hour

    4. Half of Fast-Food Workers Rely on Public Assistance

    5. Large Low-Wage Employers, like Walmart and McDonald’s, Can Afford to Pay More

    6. If the Minimum Wage Kept Up with Inflation, It Would Be $10.74. Instead, It’s $7.25

    7. Raise the Minimum Wage, and People Buy Things

    8. Four in Five People Support Raising the Federal Minimum Wage to $10.10 an Hour