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    7 Reasons We Don’t Want ‘Fast Track’ Trade Deals

    “Fast Track” isn’t a video game, a motor speedway or the official name of the high-speed rail project in California. In fact, “Fast Track” does not refer to anything swag at all—it’s a term that refers to international trade policy—and a very lame policy at that. Here are just a few reasons why “Fast Track” is terrible for working people.

    1. 'Fast Track' is Old School

    2. 'Fast Track' Is a Job Killer

    3. 'Fast Track' Will Lower Wages

    4. 'Fast Track' Will Make Things More Unequal

    5. 'Fast Track' Is Anti-Democratic

    6. 'Fast Track' Gives Corporations More Power

    7. 'Fast Track' Will Make You Sick