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    Apr 28, 2014

    11 Jaw-Dropping Quotes From People Who Want To Lower The Minimum Wage

    If raging against a living minimum wage isn’t bad enough, some extreme Republicans are advocating to lower or even abolish the minimum wage. Who needs to get paid to work, right? Silly workers. In a quest to beat one another in a game of Limbo (“How low can you go?”) on the minimum wage, here are some of the most eye-opening quotes from the folks who want to lower or eliminate the minimum wage.

    1. To Protect the ‘Defenseless,’ Abolish the Minimum Wage


    “To Protect the Defenseless, We Must Abolish the Minimum Wage,” write Yaron Brook and Don Watson of the Ayn Rand Center for Forbes. Yes, this makes total sense. Not.

    2. Let’s Pay Teenagers Less for the Same Work


    State Sen. Michael Baumgartner (R-Wash.) says teenagers should be paid less than minimum wage because “a whole generation of teens are not being able to develop a work ethic.” Yes, the best way to instill proper work ethic is to pay people substandard wages because of their age.

    3. The Very Idea of a Minimum Wage? Psshaw


    James Sherk of the Heritage Foundation: “I believe the minimum wage hurts its intended beneficiaries. I do not support the concept of the minimum wage.”

    Sherk doesn’t even like the concept of the minimum wage. We wonder how long he would agree with that if he actually worked in a minimum wage job?

    4. Or, Maybe, Let’s Just Abolish It Altogether


    Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), the ranking member of the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee: “I do not believe in (the concept of a minimum wage).”

    5. Eliminating the Minimum Wage Will Help Poor People, We Promise!


    Former Republican congressman for Texas and presidential candidate Ron Paul believes that poor Americans would "absolutely" be better off if the minimum wage was eliminated.

    Paul says: "It would help the poor people who need jobs. Minimum wage is a mandate. We're against mandates, so why should we have it? It would be very beneficial."

    6. Getting Paid a Minimum Wage Is ‘So 20th Century’


    Republican Rep. Joe Barton of Texas: “I think it's outlived its usefulness.”

    7. We Should Never Have Had a Minimum Wage In the First Place


    Cato Institute Vice President James Dorn: “I think the minimum wage is zombie economics….The minimum wage interferes with individual freedom and economic freedom.”

    The economic freedom of corporations to do what? Operate sweatshops and pay employees $2 an hour?

    8. Kill the Minimum Wage and Poof!—Unemployment Solved


    Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.), a former presidential candidate, thinks that if you eliminate minimum wage, you would "virtually wipe out unemployment."

    9. Eliminate the Minimum Wage Because that Would Make Corporate CEOs Happy


    Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff: “What we really should do is completely abolish the minimum wage, that would make a lot of sense.”

    10. The Minimum Wage Is ‘Archaic’ and Has ‘Never Worked’


    Former West Virginia Republican Senate candidate John Raese says he "absolutely" supports the abolition of the minimum wage.

    11. The Minimum Wage Is Unconstitutional


    Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller of Alaska: "There should not be (a federal minimum wage). That is not within the scope of the powers that are given to the federal government."

    We Think Jobs Should Lift Workers Out of Poverty, Not Trap Them In It

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