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Every Dude On Tinder

Musician Vincent Gargiulo impersonates over 70 different dudes on a dating app in this new music video.

afc • 4 months ago

A Song Dedicated To All Those Who Wear Pants

This insane music video and song will be stuck in your head all day.

afc • 2 years ago

The Hawaiian Wizard Of Oz

3 Dorothys, Coconut Bras, Bad Singing = Entertainment

afc • 3 years ago

Brand New Song From Mozart!!

He's a little older but "Take Your Head and Shove It To The Ground" is your next 2015 summer jam!

afc • 4 years ago

Your Life In 47 Seconds

As described by the things we use.

afc • 4 years ago

The San Francisco Symphony Goes To The Bathroom

So that's what happens during the intermission.

afc • 5 years ago
afc • 5 years ago

Scumbag Puppet

Poor Tommy. Lt. "Goodman" is kind of a jerk.

afc • 5 years ago

My Dead Buddy

"My Skeleton" is the perfect Halloween gift for your child.

afc • 5 years ago

World's Best Herbal Supplement Commercial

The Hottest Jam You'll Hear About Fish Oil All Day. It's the N-O-R-D-I-C for me!

afc • 5 years ago

These Are The People That I Know

We ALL know this guy. Try getting this song out of your head.

afc • 6 years ago
afc • 6 years ago

Creepiest Exercise Video Ever

Let's get ready to Wizzercise!

afc • 6 years ago

Beethoven Played By A Wizard & A Man Peeing In A Pan

This is your high culture moment of the day.

afc • 6 years ago

Tampons For Christmas!

Sunshine Ultra-Glide Tampons are the perfect gift for any occasion.

afc • 6 years ago

Catchiest Song About Pizza Ever

Yes. Good. Pizza Pizza!

afc • 6 years ago

The Perfect Coffee For Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Nothing like "Jitter Me Timbers" in the morning.

afc • 6 years ago

Wizzy & Friends "Sweet Maria"

The most psychedelic video with creepy costumed characters you'll see all day.

afc • 7 years ago

Simply Blue Cola

That's a lot of blue tongues.

afc • 7 years ago

Standing Up Straight

This 4th of July stand up straight with pride.

afc • 7 years ago