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What Your Sleep Position Says About You

Who knew sleeping like bear could say so much?

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The Curled-up Cat

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POSITION: On your side, curled up in the tightest possible ball.

WHAT THIS MEANS: You may sometimes be perceived as a fragile human, but you are not one to let something that’s bothering you get swept under the rug. You are a confident and outgoing individual, one who loves to be in control. Oooooo, kitty likes to scratch.

The Beat Bear

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POSITION: On side, legs bent, arms cradling your precious face.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Warrior princess/prince = you. You are tough as nails on the outside, but a sensitive, sweet soul on the inside. Hey, you got a big heart, and when you sleep, you need to protect it.

The Klingy Koala

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POSITION: Any, so long as there is something between the knees at all hours of the night.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Hold on for dear life! You hold onto the things you love the most, and have the tendency to resist change. There, there, anyone who is friends with you will agree: You are trustworthy and charming, and you know how to make everyone around you feel good.

The Kasual Kangaroo

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POSITION: Flat on back, arms relaxed on your midriff, feet straight out.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Well aren’t you just the most adorable little thing on the planet. You may be anxious at times and feel the entire world is out to get you, but by trusting your gut and using your instincts, you have the power to overcome any adversities you face. Your dreams are just a hop and skip away!

The Lazy Lion

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POSITION: On your side with all appendages stretched out in front of you.

WHAT THIS MEANS: You may be indecisive, but boy are you open to endless possibilities. Your main objective in life is to rule the world, so what are you waiting for? We’re gonna hear you roaaaaaar.

The Motionless Monkey

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POSITION: Flat on back, arm(s) overhead.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Everyone, bow down. Here comes you — a force to be reckoned with. You may be on the quieter side, but by all means, you are a strong, inspirational person to be around.

The Fragile Frog

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POSITION: Tucked in a ball on your stomach.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Well, it turns out you’re a frog. You’re an actual frog trapped in a human body. Your little frog self is a comforting, nurturing, caring person with a soothing voice of an angel. You do what makes you happy. You do you, little frog.

The Tired Tiger

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POSITION: On stomach, arms and legs stretched out in all directions.

WHAT THIS MEANS: You’re an active, powerful person always on the move, much like a tiger. When it comes to sleeping, you can find your sweet spot pretty easily. Speaking of easy, you tend to be an easygoing and incredibly fun human to be around, which is why most people you meet flock to you.

The Spread-Eagle Sea Lion

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POSITION: Anything goes.

WHAT THIS MEANS: You were born with a sensible funny bone and a grand sense of humor. What makes you beam more when you make someone else laugh? Making yourself laugh. Go your own way, child.

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