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11 Ways To Modify Your Bedroom So It’s Optimal For Sleeping

Your bedroom is your best friend. Aetna is here to help you make the most of it with this foolproof guide.

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1. Cool Your Room


Setting your room temperature to approximately 65 degrees will help you rest easy. Studies show insomnia is linked to improper body temperature regulation, so make your room nice and cool for maximum comfort.

2. Paint for Peace


Choosing calming color tones (like a shade of blue or green) for your bedroom walls can make you feel like you’re receiving a warm hug. Research shows that different colors can evoke different moods, so choose something that feels soothing to your eyes.

4. Goodnight, Light


When getting ready for bed, turn off unnecessary lights, or install dimmers on switches to help you wind down. The body naturally associates light with being awake, so when it’s time for bed, make it as dark as possible. You may want to pick up thick blinds to block out all the unwanted light that creeps in. Or a sleep mask…for fashion.

11. Give the Dog a Bed


If your precious pup shares your bed, they’re probably waking you up while their little paws run in their sleep. If you give your dog their own spot for snoozing, you won’t be disturbed.

Ready for your beauty rest? Aetna is here to help you improve your sleep habits.

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