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10 People Describe A Moment When They Felt Truly Present

It can be difficult to remember to be truly present. Aetna believes if you remember to #takeamoment it can help you appreciate each memorable minute.

1. The Quiet Train Ride

2. The Shared Laughter

3. The Mindful Music

4. The Moment Of Wonder

5. The Silent Connection

6. The Observer

7. The Arrival

8. The Healing Movement

9. The Bond With Strangers

10. The Clarity Of Travel

Animation by Kirun Kunju / © BuzzFeed.Com

Mindfulness can help you reduce stress so you can fully be present for the things that truly matter. Aetna encourages you to #takeamoment and experience how being in the present can benefit you — learn more on Aetna's Tumblr.

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