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11 Skills You Can Master In 11 Minutes Or Fewer

You can learn a lot in just 11 minutes. With every cigarette you give up, you can unlock more life — 11 minutes more to be exact! See how you can experience more in life.

Start the clock...

1. Learn how to tie a bow tie.

This isn't as easy as it looks, but once you master it, you'll look pretty damn classy.

2. Learn a simple song on the guitar.

3. Learn how to read someone's palm.

Want to forecast your future and impress people at parties? Learn how to palm read in just a few minutes.

4. Learn how to order your meal in Spanish.

5. Learn how to fold your shirts properly.

6. Learn how to make the perfect scrambled eggs.

Every self-respecting grown-up should know how to scramble eggs. Take a hint — it'll pay off on Sunday morning.

7. Learn some origami.

8. Learn how to twirl a pen or pencil on your thumb.

9. Learn how to change a tire.

10. Learn how to identify the freshest fruit.

Did you know that there are little tricks behind choosing the ripest fruit?! Those days of bruised bananas are over!

11. Learn the art of packing a suitcase.

Think of all the incredible skills you could accomplish with more time! What would you do with 11 more minutes in your life? Share using #11mins and learn more.