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Kitty Of The Month Club

It's Like Netflix, but with Kittens.

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This Service Looks Great!

"This service is genius! "

- Stanford, San Antonio, TX

"At first I was concerned about the ethics of the company, but they offered me a 3-month trial run and it changed my life. I didn't want to give up the first kitten, but that's how it works and the new kitten was just wonderful. "

- Joyce, Madison, WI

"My kittens have helped with my long term depression more than I ever could have hoped for!"

- Phyllis, Hayward, CA

"The kittens are always potty-trained and happy as a barrel of monkeys."

- Harold, Springfield, MO

"The service is convenient and the kitties are all so beautiful!"

- Carol, San Francisco, CA

"My home is full of life and happiness now! Thank you for this serevice!"

- Jenny, Tulsa, OK

How Much Does it Cost?

$99/Month Plan: Kitten aged 9 months to 12 months (Mature Kitten, Still Loving & Playful)

$139/Month Plan: Kitten aged 6 months to 9 months (Very Playful, Best for Kids)

$169/Month Plan: Kitten aged 3 months to 6 months (Mostly Self-Entertained, Best for Seniors)

$199/Month Plan: Kitten aged 6 weeks to 3 months (Cute & Playful, Perfect for Small Homes)

*** All Plans Include a 3-month supply of litter and kitten food for each kitten. ***

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