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22 Secrets Girls Who Wear Hijabs Will Never Tell You

If we didn't answer your question, we probably didn't hear you.

1. There are about a million ways to tie a hijab.

Should you tie it round the back so it lies flat on your head? Or should you go for more volume? There are SO MANY DECISIONS.

2. And we can't buy a new outfit until we've found a hijab to match.

Whether your hijab is from New Look or Whitechapel market, you need to think about coordination.

3. But despite owning millions of them, we repeat our favourite five all the time.

4. We don't wash our hair as often as we should, because we know you won't see it.

And it means we get an extra half hour in bed.

5. Covering our entire bodies means we get really hot in the summer.

Warner Bros. / Via

If you're gonna hide your hair, the rest of you better be covered too. A hijabi's gotta do what a hijabi's gotta do.

6. Which means we seriously question our decision every summer.

7. Getting home is one of the biggest highlights of the day.

Taking off your hijabs is a glorious moment, especially if you tied it too tight in the morning and you've had a hijab-headache all day.

8. Every other day is a bad hijab day.

Especially when girls like YazTheSpaz89 always look flawless.

9. We watch hijab tutorials on YouTube.

We have learn how to do all the different styles somehow.

10. Sometimes we stay in all day and we get to use the excuse that putting on a hijab is too much effort.

CW /

Our hair needs to breathe! Or so we tell ourselves so we don't have to get up.

11. That's why we sometimes take forever to open the door.

We're just faffing around looking for a blanket to cover our heads.

12. We tell lies when people ask us dumb questions.

Yes, Voldemort lives at the back of my hijab. Yeah, I shower in it too. In fact, I never take it off.

13. We judge other hijabis based on bun height.

People with higher buns are just attention-seeking, especially if they use extra equipment to boost it up more.

14. We spend a lot of time avoiding hugs from strangers.

Especially men.

15. We have really nice hair underneath.

You'll just never see it.

16. Our hijabs act like a pair of ear muffs, which means we sometimes can't hear you.

So there's a rule: You say sorry three times and then just nod and smile.

17. If we drop our lunch, it ends up in our hijab.

It's kind of like wearing a portable lunchbox.

18. All extreme sports are a write-off.

Layers + movement = sweat levels that can't even be described.

19. And, despite popular belief, our hijabs don't act as umbrellas.

We get just as wet as the rest of you.

20. The wind is not our friend.

Walt Disney /

21. When the word "terrorist" appears in the news, we mentally prepare ourselves for a string of misinformed questions.

Walt Disney /

22. But most importantly, we're really proud of our choice.

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