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25 Faces Everyone Who Went To Medical School Will Remember

Med school is hard.

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1. The "I'm About To Take Blood For The First Time" face:

2. The "I'm So Keen I Woke Up At Dawn To Learn The 206 Bones In The Body" face:

3. The "OMG I've Left Studying So Late, I'm Totally Screwed" face:

4. The "Lectures, What Lectures?" face:

5. The "Surgery Is Gross, I'm Going To Stand Over Here And Pretend To Watch" face:

6. The "I'm Tired, Please Let Me Go Home From Clinic" face:

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7. The "I Just Got Signed Off" face:

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8. The "I'm About To Take A History" face:

9. The "I Don't Know The Answer To The Consultant's Question" face:

10. The "The Consultant Just Asked Me To Get Something And I Don't Know Where It Is" face:

11. The "This Anatomy Session Is Making Me Hungry" face:

12. The "I'm About To Do A Rectal Examination" face:

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13. The "I'm Pretty Sure I Have The Disease I'm Learning About" face:

14. The "I Just Got Snaked By Another Medical Student" face:


15. The "Hell Yeah, I Got The Answer Right" face:

16. The "FML, I'm On Call" face:

17. The "Oh God I'm On A Night-Shift" face:

18. The "Can Someone Please Remind Me Why I Chose Medicine" face:

19. The "There's Too Much To Learn, I'm Going To Have A Mental Breakdown" face:

20. The "Why Is Medicine So Long, I'm Sick Of University" face:

21. The "I'm Totally Grossed Out But I've Got To Remain Professional" face:

22. The "When Will This Ward Round End?" face:

23. The "I Have No Idea What Is Wrong With This Patient" face:

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24. The "I'm Only Sucking Up To The Consultant So I Can Get Signed Off" face:

25. The "I'm Scrubbed In For Surgery But I Have A Really Itchy Nose" face: