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Asian Weddings In England Vs Asian Weddings Back Home

Seating plans vs aunties deciding who they wanna gossip with.

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1. In England: Weddings start promptly at 6pm.

But even if the wedding invite says the event starts at 6pm, Asian guests will keep everyone waiting until around 7 or 8pm. So the event will start late anyway.

Back home: Weddings start not-so-promptly at 11pm.

Even if the wedding invite says 8pm, no one will rock up until midnight because they know that's when the party really starts.

2. In England: Weddings tend to take place in hotels and manor houses.

Which will make all the aunts and uncles go, "Manor House? What is this Manor Shmanor House?"


3. In England: Family members travel from all over the world and stay in hotels near the wedding venue.

They'd never fit into the bride or groom's house, so they have to make do with hotel accommodation instead.

Back home: The entire family stays at the bride or groom's house, known as the "Shaadi Ki Ghar".

This, obviously, results in absolute chaos.

4. In England: Weddings have nice seating charts and every guest sits in their assigned seat.

There is a neat seating chart at the entrance of the dining hall, and everyone actually sticks to it.


6. In England: Brides can wear any colour they like, including white.

Brides typically combine Eastern and Western traditions to mark their British-Asian heritage, meaning they often opt for a white dress.

Back home: The bride will wear red and only red.

Even suggesting to wear a different colour is considered taboo. And if the bride is bold enough to do so, all the aunties will gossip about it all night long.


7. In England: There are stag and hen dos and a rehearsal dinner before the big day, but basically all the action happens within a 12-hour period.

The wedding party might attend a rehearsal dinner, but most guests will only be expected to show up for the wedding day itself.

Back home: There will be so many different wedding events that no one really knows which day the wedding took place on.

There is an event celebrating every single moment of the bride and groom's lives, and the bride wears a different outfit each time.

8. In England: Weddings involve a routine dance followed by general dancing.

Some of the bride and groom's friends and family might get together and rehearse a choreographed dance that they perform in front of the couple. But the dance party will only properly begin right towards the end of the night.


9. In England: Swanky cars are used for the bride and groom's arrival and getaway.

Couples will rent out fancy Ferraris or Bentleys to leave their wedding in, because why not?

Back home: Animals are used for the bride and groom's arrival and getaway.

Horses, camels, elephants... You name it, we'll travel on it.

10. In England: Wedding guests are treated to a sit-down dinner.

Food is served to your table, and you'll know where you're sitting because there'll be a name tag at your place.

Back home: Food tends to be served as part of a buffet, and the queues are always endless.

And although the food is delicious, you'll have to wait ages before you get served.

11. In England: Weddings end around midnight.

The venue will kick you out or the neighbours will complain. Either way, weddings end at a reasonable hour.

Back home: Weddings last all night and into the early hours.

The party started at midnight so obviously the party isn't going to finish till the next day, when the family returns to the Shaadi Ki Ghar so that the party can continue.