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    Asian Weddings In England Vs Asian Weddings Back Home

    Seating plans vs aunties deciding who they wanna gossip with.

    1. In England: Weddings start promptly at 6pm.

    Back home: Weddings start not-so-promptly at 11pm.

    2. In England: Weddings tend to take place in hotels and manor houses.

    Back home: Weddings take place in marquees that block off entire roads.

    Flickr: churchillmarquees

    And sometimes you'll find a wedding marquee blocking off the road to your house, which is inconvenient to say the least.

    3. In England: Family members travel from all over the world and stay in hotels near the wedding venue.

    Back home: The entire family stays at the bride or groom's house, known as the "Shaadi Ki Ghar".

    4. In England: Weddings have nice seating charts and every guest sits in their assigned seat.

    Back home: The seating order is chosen at random by the aunties who decide which friends they want to sit with.

    bollywood.pop / Via

    Name cards and seating charts are unheard of and the whole crowd spends the night mingling.

    5. In England: Weddings have a restricted guest list that maxes out at around 300 due to a lack of space at the venue.

    Flickr: ed_garcia_jr

    And because Asian wedding guest lists are always so long, cuts have to be made.

    Back home: The wedding guest list will start at around 500 people, but could easily reach 1,000.

    Flickr: 62487011@N08

    Basically, the whole city is invited.

    6. In England: Brides can wear any colour they like, including white.

    Back home: The bride will wear red and only red.

    7. In England: There are stag and hen dos and a rehearsal dinner before the big day, but basically all the action happens within a 12-hour period.

    Back home: There will be so many different wedding events that no one really knows which day the wedding took place on.

    There is an event celebrating every single moment of the bride and groom's lives, and the bride wears a different outfit each time.

    8. In England: Weddings involve a routine dance followed by general dancing.

    Back home: Weddings are basically massive dance floors for everyone. / Via

    The wedding turns into one big party from the moment the bride and groom are in the building.

    9. In England: Swanky cars are used for the bride and groom's arrival and getaway.

    Back home: Animals are used for the bride and groom's arrival and getaway.

    10. In England: Wedding guests are treated to a sit-down dinner.

    Back home: Food tends to be served as part of a buffet, and the queues are always endless.

    11. In England: Weddings end around midnight.

    Back home: Weddings last all night and into the early hours.

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