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The 6 Strangest Statements Congress Made On The Iran Deal

It's no secret that many U.S. lawmakers are not the most informed about Iran's nuclear program. That doesn't seem to stop them from commenting on it. Here's what happened when six members of Congress tried to wax lyrical about the recent Iran nuclear deal.

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6. "Not unlike a hotel guest that leaves only with a hotel bathrobe on his back, I believe you've been fleeced." - Senator Bob Corker (R-TN)

Things to remember to take from the hotel next time: the bed, the nightstand, the desk lamp...

2. "You must understand the American people see Iran as like a crocodile or a shark that does what it does, and we're saying that we're going to give the crocodile or the shark a few more teeth, and let's see if it does something different."

This comparison was so long-winded that the creator's name didn't fit in the headline, and it almost made first place. Representative Scott Perry (R-PA/4) later went on to say other eloquent things like "oh, boohoo" before questioning whether Kerry represents America (and being completely shut down).

1. "It is a wedding day where the bride is shouting 'I hate you and your family,' and the groom is shouting 'I distrust you, and you've always cheated on me.'" - Senator Chris Coons (D-DE)

Senator Coons gets number one in this list, because of the effort he clearly put into this strange metaphor. He even goes on to describe the guests at the wedding. It's not clear if the United States is the bride or the groom, but it doesn't matter. Kerry's face still says it all.

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