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  • Kraftwerk Fans Don’t Like Having Their Buttons Pushed

    On February 15, 2012, German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk announced they would perform all eight of their legendary albums as part of a career retrospective at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. While fans salivated at the thought of cruising down the Trans-Europe Express and visiting Computer World, a two ticket limit for the entire series stoked fears of being shut out entirely. On February 22, all their worst nightmares came true; Showclix, MOMA’s ticket partner, reported widespread outages due to their overloaded servers, and frustrated tweets about endless waits roiled the web. Enterprising Kraftwerk devotee lorinyc turned their pain at staring at the infamous red box into a therapeutic tune that almost makes up for missing Man Machine.

  • Most Terrifying Children’s Toy. Ever.

    In this clip from PBS’ always entertaining ‘Antiques Roadshow,’ the guy on the left talks about how he randomly found this hideously crafted pull toy 20 years ago in a junk shop. The guy on the right matter-of-factly tells him it’s a child’s toy from around 1900. You are disturbed, frightened, and confused that someone would ever want to play with this creature.

  • Adidas Harnesses the Power of the Force

    This video, which promotes a new Adidas collab with Star Wars, is next level awesome. There’s split second shots of the Death Star and fighter planes, hot light saber action and the obligatory pewpewpews, but then Snoop Dogg gets in the mix and things reallllly get crazy. Watch for the robotic cameo at the end!

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