These Gadgets Will Make You Believe In The Future Of Food

    Latte selfies! Solar-cooked ribs! Let me tell you, it's a brave new world.

    Citizens: I have been to this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and I have seen the future of food. In the future, we will BBQ with sunlight, make meat bags in a bucket, time our bite-chew-eat speed with an obsessive spoon, and watch the contents of our refrigerators slowly age. In the future of food, I gained 45 pounds. I lost 45 pounds. I (almost) met Oprah and Madonna. And I learned new ways to make coffee, brew beer, and toast toast.

    Here is what I saw.

    In the future, you can drink latte selfies.

    In the future, you can spy on your food with this thing.

    In the future, this little machine will brew beer for you at home.

    In the future, you'll cook fancy meat in a bucket of water.

    The future will also involve high-rise "toastowers."

    Not to mention a (sort of) new breakfast machine.

    INTERMISSION: In the middle of all these exciting discoveries, I stumbled upon celebrity diet guru Deepak Chopra.


    And Deepak Chopra inspired me to check up on my health.

    So I decided to start counting my calories with the most neurotic spoon ever.

    And lo and behold, I instantly lost 45 pounds.

    With the question of my weight settled, I returned to the future of food, specifically solar-powered cooking.

    Almost last, but not least, there was the LG Signature "knock-on" refrigerator.

    That fridge was competing for domination of the future against the Samsung Family Hub.

    With that final glimpse into the future, I called it a day.