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    13 Photos Of Kids Dressed Up For The Start Of Spring Will Warm The Icicles Off Your Heart

    We call that peapod outfit next year.

    A little context: El Día de la Primavera, or "Spring Day," is traditionally celebrated in Mexico at the start of the season by schoolchildren dressing up in costumes. And, well, it's just really, really cute.

    1. For example, here's a little bb dressed up as a pea pod:

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @_sdominguez_

    2. And here's a little one rocking some serious Easter pink, dressed up like a pastry vendor.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @tonrreb

    3. This lil caterpillar is absolutely OWNING his look:


    4. Meanwhile, this parrot costume is actually a little terrifying, but like, adorably so.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @gemihenu

    5. There's a lot of animal costumes to choose from to stay in ~seasonal~ theme, but this buddy here clearly wanted to stand out as a tiger-bear hybrid:

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @adrianjchi

    6. Plus, we always love a good tree (or broccoli?) costume...

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @vizente

    7. As well as this v. sunny daffodil look:


    8. Sure, the toad kid is great, but can we talk about the for real flower child on the right??


    9. Meanwhile, this wee little potted plant has melted our hearts and most of winter, officially:

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @sofiacastorena

    10. This outfit of grapes is a mood...

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @Fiore_Matus

    11. And this toothy raindrop makes us almost not wanna hate April showers...

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @XimenalunaD

    12. This family forest = new spring goals, tbh.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @elsalonrojo

    13. Well, actually, scratch that — this kid dressed up as grass is us.


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    This post was translated from Spanish.

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