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    17 Ordinary Moments That Give Us Miniature Orgasms Every Time

    So. Satisfying.

    1. First, there's the moment you're cleaning your ears with a cotton swab and you finally hit THAT spot:

    Imgur / Via

    2. Then, there's the moment when you get to rip off the plastic from something shiny and new:

    oddly_satisfied / Via Twitter: @Oddly_Satisfied

    3. Nothing feels better than trying to sneeze and finally getting it out...

    Imgur / Via

    Ohhhh yes.

    4. Except maybe driving in your car and listening to a song that ends THE VERY SECOND you arrive at your destination.


    It's THE BEST.

    5. ...Or getting to stomp on crunchy leaves during those first weeks of fall.

    lefectodoppler / Via Twitter: @lefectodoppler

    6. Also satisfying: Getting the VERY last of the toothpaste out...

    Imgur / Via

    7. Sticking your hands in a bag of rice...

    CANAL+ / Via

    (or seeds, or pebbles, or marbles).

    8. Writing out a number **flawlessly**...

    oddly_satisfied / Via Twitter: @Oddly_Satisfied

    9. And also touching a bubble and feeling it burst in your hands.

    Soubrette / Getty Images

    10. If you've ever used up all the ink in a pen, you know what complete satisfaction feels like.

    Imgur / Via

    11. And a clean, pristine yogurt lid just >>>>>>

    oddly_satisfied / Via Twitter: @Oddly_Satisfied

    You could probably make a wish on it.

    12. In fact, we enthusiastically stan any perfectly untouched jar of food.

    Imgur / Via

    13. And speaking of food: Is there anything better than a perfectly round hamburger bun?

    Imgur / Via

    Just look at that beauty.

    14. Or breaking the crust on a crème brûlée?

    CANAL+ / Via

    Fancy AND satisfying.

    15. And while random things fitting perfectly gives us all an unbelievable high...

    Imgur / Via

    16. And fueling up to exactly $10 is basically an art form...

    Imgur / Via

    17. Nothing will EVER feel better than this moment:

    4tdeo / Via

    It's better than sex.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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