This Arcade Fire Video Of A Family Struggling To Cope With The Loss Of Their Mom Will Break Your Heart

    A father and his two sons try to move on with their lives without their wife and mother in the new video for "Afterlife."

    The new video for "Afterlife" from Arcade Fire tells the story of a Latino father trying to keep his family together as he and his sons deal with the void left from the death of their wife and mom.

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    The video written and directed by Canadian filmmaker Emily Kai Bock, shows the father's struggles.

    Dinner is uncomfortable as he tries to communicate with his sons.

    Later that night the three generations of men see their dreams affected by the loss in their lives.

    The father walks in darkness and solitude.

    And then he sees her.

    His beloved.

    The oldest son goes to a party against his father's wishes and gets drunk.

    The young boy has a nightmare of being put into a washing machine by a stranger.

    Later both sons dream of their mother comforting them.

    The father continues his journey.

    He sees her across the room.

    He holds her in his arms.

    But morning comes.

    Brb, crying.