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    John Leguizamo Got Pablo Escobar Role By Paying $15,000 Of His Own Money For Fat Suit, Makeup

    Executives passed on Leguizamo for the role of the infamous drug kingpin, which forced him to anonymously submit a fat suit screen test.

    John Leguizamo has long felt that he was born to play drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. But "King of Cocaine" producer Scott Steindorff passed on the Ice Age and Moulin Rouge actor.

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    Did Leguizamo take no for an answer? No way. Instead, he paid $15,000 of his own money for a fat suit and prosthetic makeup that made him a dead ringer for Escobar in his prime.

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    Then he had his screen test anonymously delivered to executives without disclosing his identity.

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    "They liked the test enough to ask who it was, and Leguizamo was hired shortly after that to star in the $25 million film," according to Deadline.

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    Leguizamo excitedly tweeted about it a bunch of times on Monday. Check it out my peeps! Give it all u got every time!

    John Leguizamo


    Check it out my peeps! Give it all u got every time!

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