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  • PUMA T7 Jacket, By LANA

    PUMA T7 Etno Shake was designed by LANA for Puma Creative Factory Competition. The brief was to use the T7 jacket as support to send an original, daring and wearable message. LANA’s creation is a Romanian folklore-inspired take on PUMA’s classic T7 rooted in old village heritage.

  • Yes, Everybody Could Make Ads

    It seams that “Everybody could make ads” if we look at this viral concept. You just have to put together sex, animals and kids. Before starting being creative :-) please read the warning: ‘Think! before you reproduce it in real life’.

  • Newspaper Bag

    What I love about this newspaper bag is that everybody is thinking for a second that you’re wearing a real newspaper. But, hey, no, this is an urban camouflage against crime. For you is a handbag, for the mugger it’s just a folded newspaper (Le Monte, The Dependent, El Periodo, The Tames). So fun!

  • 102.494 ‘likes’ for Ballerina Project

    The Ballerina project started 9 years ago, when the photographer Dane Shitagi begin taking outdoor pictures of ballerinas in NY. “Dance cannot be captured by a still photograph.” Shitagi’s focus is on the ballerina herself. “It’s the emotion of the dancer; how she is intertwined with the environment. The best way to capture dance is with motion – you need the sound, the fluidity. You take all of that away and it’s like breaking down a poem to leave just single words; those words become meaningless. The way the words are combined are what makes it poetry.’

  • 7 Wallets to Love

    Hidden details of Ljubljana are captured through the lens of Matjaž Tančič and exhibited on the cover of 7 wallets. The image from this wallet is a detail of Metelkova building - the former ‘Fourth of July’ military barracks originally commissioned by the Austro-Hungarian army. Now, this place is the best after-dark destination in Ljubljana for those looking to experience something wholly unique and unpredictable. Designer: Neli Strukelj.

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