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    CHIFF Is Officially On The Crazy Train

    We've speculated before whether or not Senator Mary Landrieu's atrocious legislation called Children in Families First (CHIFF) is anti-queer. Considering the number of anti-gay parenting lawmakers whose endorsements CHIFF has, the question isn't far fetched. These lawmakers would NEVER support gay adoptive parents. Now, we're wondering whether or not CHIFF supporters have become a bit, ah, unhinged. Check it, and ask yourself, "Are these CHIFF supporters just a bunch of dicks or something else?" (P.S. After reading this, you may think we're being petty and mean. We're not. Trust us. What we offer from these two individuals is nothing in comparison to what they've said to some adoptees and others who don't support CHIFF.)

    Martha Osborne of Rainbowkids, a vocal supporter of CHIFF, attacks an adoptee organization for not supporting CHIFF

    Martha Osborne of Rainbowkids plays victim after being called out by said adoptee organization

    Martha Osborne of Rainbowkids amps up the victim card

    Katie Jay of Children Deserve Families compares a thoughtful, intelligent, caring, and all around good guy adoptee to Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church