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Three Easy Marks Of A Burnt-Out "New Flame"

I am a twenty-one year old female, with a boyfriend, and some secrets in my closet which he may or may not slowly uncover. Having stated this, my article is not only directed towards women, but men, as well, in their early-twenties. If you spot these signs, I suggest you run (FAST) because unless you are just "having fun," you are being played, and you will end up hugging your pillow (or worse, an ex..,) crying in bed at night when you are once again alone, because you were "tricked!"

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1. He tells you you're his "only" anything.


Unless you are 18 or younger, chances are he has and will be using A LOT of the same language with you as he has his previous "boo-thangs." Get over it; YOU ARE NOW, and if you want to keep it that way, cut the shit... because we have ALL said it, but maturity and confidence are key in a new relationship!

2. He uses the old-fashioned excuse when your friends tease him about being "FBO."

Hopefully, you crazy stage-five-clingers aren't using this to justify your emotional attachment to what was an obvious "hump 'n' dump." If he won't hold your hand out in public, or kiss you at the bar out with friends, you are a "side-bitch."

No, I am talking to the ones who probably gave their friends permission to mention this fact, because you're all friends, and it is kind of strange that you have to keep re-assuring your stalkers and ex-lover's that you are, in fact, taken.

We are a generation of media, people, and you all know this because you're reading my article through a screen! If your man really doesn't have social outlets, that's one thing, but even the ones who save FB, IG, and Twitter for rare occasions should not have a problem showing you off to the rest of the world, who do indulge! It's not weird to wonder- after months of keeping you in the dark!

3. He takes his phone EVERYWHERE (including the bathroom, even in his own home.)

Sadly, I have been on this side of the Shady Wall before, and its just plain obvious, right? Actually, I made so many excuses- my face would have literally turned blue, before I finally admitted why I held onto my iphone like a newborn. Hopefully you bright humans aren't nearly as gullible or careless as the person I did this to, but seriously trust can get very gray when it comes to phones and technology. This does not give you any right, whatsoever, to go through your partner's personal conversations, but if this is happening, like I said RUN!!!!

(If you didn't already know, it just gets worse.)

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