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    There's A Debate About Who's The King Of R&B Music And Chrissy Teigen Asked An Important Question

    "What kind of music does John make?"

    So people online have been debating which artist has rightful claim to the King of R&B throne in 2018.

    For those unfamiliar with the genre, by R&B we mean "Rhythm and Blues." With influences from jazz to gospel, R&B is the kind of music that can make you cry about a love you never had, sing in the rain or dance till your feet hurt.

    Well in the middle of the debate, Queen of Twitter, Chrissy Teigen, asked a really important question about her significant other, John Legend: "What kind of music does John make?"

    the heated debate on my timeline is who is the current king of r&b. It’s a doozy of a thread and hilarious. but it leaves me asking what kind of music does john make? his he left out of this? (jokes welcome, of course)

    And people had some interesting ways to describe Legend's music.

    @chrissyteigen He makes company Christmas party music. Save Room is definitely checking your coat in music.

    @chrissyteigen Mall escalator music it soothes me as I shop

    @chrissyteigen Is “the song before the credits in a rom com” a genre?

    We stan an artist that can make multi-purpose music.

    @chrissyteigen John makes the soundtrack to child births, engagements, breakups, petty arguments, angry arguments, walks through parks, baking cookies, and making love with the lights off...I think that about covers it 😂

    @chrissyteigen His music makes me think of singers in stinky dresses draped over pianos. Very soulful, but kinda in his own lane.

    Some even believe he really is a contended for King of R&B.

    @chrissyteigen John is clearly the king of r&b. Here’s proof @johnlegend

    The crying.

    @chrissyteigen he makes the ' I don't know why this song is making me cry' music

    Interesting combination here but it kind of makes sense.

    @chrissyteigen John’s in his own category. I’m like Alexa, play me something smooth and creamy like peanut butter on velvet and she’s all, “Here’s music by John Legend.”

    @chrissyteigen He makes classics, end of discussion

    And as expected, John had his own say and let his wife know that he "must be the King of something."

    @chrissyteigen I must be king of something or I wouldn't be singing on this throne.

    The debate about the current state of the genre was sparked by a comment from newcomer Jacquees, who declared himself "the new King of R&B."

    To which some people had this response.

    “King Of R&B? You haven’t even been to the castle” 😂👑 @AmplifyDot puts the #KingOfRnB (whoever that is) into #TrashbagTuesday 😡

    And while there is a very serious musical debate taking place amongst R&B fans...

    ...some of the responses are a little bit more left field. Who knew that Beast Boy had this vocal range?

    We all know the real KING of R&B is Beast Boy AND he dropped some bars with it to show the versatility