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24 Times Pug Tongues Just Could Not Be Contained

Pugs: the most majestic breed.

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1. So magical.

2. The Pug Tongue: So mysterious.

3. So powerful.

4. So lively.

5. So free.

6. It's not their fault it can't be contained.

7. Even the most put-together pugs can't always control it.

8. Wearing plaid doesn't help.

9. Not even in beret form.

10. Puppies really have a hard time with it.

Tim Clarke / Getty Images

11. See?

12. And older puggies really can't be bothered.

13. Sometimes they are just too distracted by other elements. For example, the sudden onset of slumber.

14. Or this trendy cap.

15. Or bovine attire.

16. And sometimes they are just caught off-guard. I mean, a pug's gotta yawn when a pug's gotta yawn.

17. The common pug practice of "Nose Licking" is also often misinterpreted as a loss of tongue control.

18. Luckily, their younger owners are less quick to judge.

19. There is a lot of pressure on pugs to always look their best. But even the most majestic creatures can't be perfect 100% of the time. So just give them a break.

20. They try so hard.

21. And get so far.

22. But in the end it doesn't even matter, because not even this posh pup has full control.

23. So just embrace the raw power of pug tongues.

24. Or they will find you.

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