Adam Y. I'm Adam Young. I'm in a band called The Rodeo Church. I find cool stuff on the interwebz.
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  • woof

    Glasses For Dogs

    Warby Barker’s new Canine Collection introduces a brand new way to torture your dog while maintaining the cutting edge of ‘high fashion’.

  • classic

    How To Become A Cult Leader

    Do you want to start your own cult, but just don’t know where to start? Problem solved! This video breaks it down, step by step. You’ll be giving L. Ron Hubbard a run for his money in no time.

  • Riproll’d

    In a plot orchestrated by 4chan users, rumors reporting the death of 80’s pop sensation, Rick Astley, are beginning to spread like wildfire. This provides not only the perfect opportunity to rickroll an extremely gullible public, weary from a week filled with celebrity deaths, but also the coinage of a new term in our internet vernacular. “The Riproll”.

  • Don’t Put It In Your Mouth

    This PSA from the early nineties explores the land of germ safety. Wait… what did you THINK they were talking about!? Get your mind out of the gutter kids!

  • ASCII Yourself!

    This site is simple, but nifty! Upload any picture, set your parameters, and it generates the same image in ASCII. Neat, huh? You’ll think the same until you waste you entire morning seeing what every picture on your hard drive looks like composed of slashes and semi colons. Have fun.

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs Release “Zero” Music Video.

    The video to the acclaimed band’s newest single, “Zero”, features Karen O running around the city streets, awkwardly interacting with strangers, and even playing around on shopping carts in a supermarket. Regardless of what you think of their new sound, Karen O is still hott with two t’s.

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