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    16 Memorable Crime Stories We Published This Year

    A high school teacher who abused his students. A Georgia prison allegedly covering up the rape of a trans inmate. The chaotic aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. The brief life and baffling death of an unarmed man shot dead by police in a Wal-Mart. A disappearing wage thief. The downfall of Mississippi's most progressive prison reformer. Here are a few of the most memorable crime stories published by BuzzFeed News in 2014.

    Teacher Leaves Elite LA School After Alleged Student Affair, Inappropriate Relationships -- By Katie J.M. Baker

    How A $50 Meth Deal And A Botched SWAT Raid Left A Baby Maimed -- By Michael Hayes

    How Police Caught The Cop Who Allegedly Sexually Abused 8 Black Women -- By Jessica Testa

    Michael Brown’s Neighborhood In Ferguson Is Dying -- By Joel Anderson

    The Prison Reform Blues -- By Albert Samaha

    The Case Of The Missing Wage Thief -- By David Noriega

    The Brief Life And Baffling Death Of John Crawford III -- By Michael Hayes and Alison Vingiano

    Is A Georgia Prison Trying To Cover Up The Rape Of A Transgender Woman? -- By Jessica Testa

    What Kind Of Creep Sells A Celebrity’s Naked Photos On The Internet? -- By Charlie Warzel

    Ferguson’s Angry Young Men -- By Joel Anderson

    The Life And Last Days Of Jordan Davis -- By Michael Hayes

    In West Virginia, Playing Hooky Can Get You Locked Up -- By Katie J.M. Baker

    Here’s What Happened When One Soldier Reported Sexual Harassment In The Military -- By Alison Vingiano

    Eighty Years Of Fergusons -- By Adam Serwer

    The Revenge Porn Fixers -- By Ryan Broderick

    Facebook For Felons -- By Joseph Bernstein