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  • Egloo Is A Candle Powered Heater That Keeps You Warm For 10 Cents A Day

    Candles in the base of Egloo heat a small, inner terracotta dome to about 300º F. The inner dome warms up the outer dome, as well as the air in the space between the two domes. The project claims its heating system can raise “the temperature of the environment surrounding the Egloo” by two to three degrees. And people seem certain it will do just that. In just five days, the project has surpassed its goal of $30,000. Through the Egloo, you’ll be able to heat up a room of regular size by 2-3 degrees around 30 minutes after initially lighting the candles. Seeing that tea candles last about 4-5 hours, that’s how long you’ll have before you need to refill them. Of course, be careful when removing the lid as the terra cotta will be holding in heat. The natural Egloo without a glaze will cost you $60, and comes with 8 candles. If you’d prefer a red, black, blue, or white colored or glazed one, then you’ll have to tack on $10-30 extra. There is a metal grill that is placed securely over the clay base, which supports the inner dome on top and four candles underneath. The Egloo comes in a variety of colours, and can be unglazed or glazed.

  • BlackBerry & Boeing To Work On Self-Destruction Phone

    The Boeing Black phone is being developed by the Chicago-based aerospace and defense contractor, which is best known for jetliners and fighter planes. These mobiles can self-destruct it is tampered for the information. This Black phone would be having dual SIM cards for a multi network access and can be connected with biometric sensors and satellites. The phone when tampered with or any act to stealing data will trigger the destruction.

  • Volvo To Connect Cyclists With Its Cars

    Leading the change, Volvo has announced almost an year ago that it was working with POC, the Swedish helmet manufacturer in developing a car-to cyclist safety system. The system will significantly reduce the number of collisions between the cycles and the cars. Since the concept was designed by the automotive company now the system is restricted to its cars. And up on the success of this system, it can be adopted by other connected cars too.

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