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    Tumblr Is Totally Misusing This Cute App And The Results Are Hilarious

    The cute animated messaging app is being totally misused and the results are hilarious.

    Zoobe is a Berlin-based company whose app lets you pick a cute animated character, record your own audio, then mash them together. It's sort of like the Chinese MyIdol app everyone was obsessed with, but way easier.

    Recently, people on Tumblr found the app, and have been making some... interesting choices with it.

    1. How you feel when you ruin your diet and have to work out forever to balance it out.

    2. This bunny who is a prisoner in her own home.

    3. This story about a fanfic that was too funny to continue.

    4. This bunny lives a life of unforgivable sin.

    5. She's not a psychopath, she just works in retail.

    There are dozens of characters to choose from with different animation and backgrounds. Plus you can add your own background if you want to.

    6. This burger who never wants to have children.

    7. This pig that loves the band Drowning Pool.

    8. RIP, Left Shark, we hardly knew ye.

    But it's the bunny that has really taken off. It's just so perfect at expressing how we really feel.

    9. This bunny that raises an excellent point about Rachael Ray.

    10. This bunny that wants to know who first decided to domesticate horses.

    11. This bunny that will miss her FUCKING CAT while she's on vacation.

    12. This bunny that wants to be the very best (that no one ever was).

    There are tons and tons of zoobe videos all over tumblr. You know you wanna make your own.

    13. Zoobe, you're our favorite fucking meme. We are meme-loving trash.

    14. Like any good meme, we'll probably move on, so we just gotta enjoy this meme while it lasts.

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