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Make Your Own Pug Comic, Because Pugs

Illustrator Gemma Correll makes art and comics about her pugs. Make your own pug comic right here with Gemma's help!

Everyone knows that pets are adorable, which is why we let them get away with so much. From destroying toilet paper rolls to eating off the table, you can't stay mad for too long. Besides... they've got a whole lot of dirt on us.

Artist Gemma Correll gives voice to everything from bras to dinosaurs, but her favorites are her pugs, Bella and Mr. Pickles! They pop up in her comics all the time, and get up to all sorts of ~antics~.

Mr. Pickles thought he had himself all figured out.

But there's always room for improvement! Bella joined him for some new years' resolutions.

Gemma Correll

So what's he up to now? That's up to you!

Fill in the title and speech bubble, then share yours in the comments.

Gemma Correll

Gemma's latest book, The Worrier's Guide to Life, is available now. Follow her on instagram, twitter, and tumblr for more!