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    8 Permission Slips For Real Life

    Forget school, these printable slips are for those too real learning experiences. Presented by BuzzFeed BFF.

    Everyone remembers getting permission slips for school trips and activities, and those scraps of paper meant the difference between the best day ever or staying behind.

    Now that we're older, things aren't quite so literal, but we're still constantly seeking permission. There are so many experiences and emotions that we all deal with, but struggle to let ourselves feel. Giving ourselves space or feeling confident shouldn't be a big deal but sometimes it really is. We forget that we deserve these things, and that really, the only permission we need is our own.

    These eight permission slips have you covered.

    If they're helpful to you, you can download this PDF and print them out. Keep one as a small reminder for yourself or (gently) pass one along to someone you love.

    1. Permission to skip that party

    2. Permission to like whatever you like

    3. Permission to be confident

    4. Permission to have some alone time

    5. Permission to buy new socks instead of doing laundry

    6. Permission to feel yourself

    7. Permission to fall apart

    8. Permission to feel comfortable in your body

    You don't need anyone's permission but your own, but it's nice to know that other people get what you're feeling too. This post was made just for you.

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