Open minded, creative, interested, fun.. Back in the NYC working on a few projects here.
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  • Pushing Boundaries: Lacey, Still Life Photographer

    She has built creative campaigns for everyone from Harper’s Bazaar to Diet Coke. She commissioned a couture gown made entirely of tissue paper. She anatomically dissected a Nike sneaker and she made a colorful tornado out of recycled beauty packaging. When it comes to inventiveness and pushing creative boundaries, Lacey is one photographer that does not mess around. Fresh off the plane from London and planted in New York soil for a mere 3 days, we caught up with the inspiring, ever-talented Lacey about her life, her work, and how she plans to change the world of still life photography and design.

  • Danielle Levitt, Portraitist and Street Culture Photographer

    Danielle Levitt was born with all the confidence and curiosity necessary to make it as a photographer. In both her high-fashion commercial shots and documentary style street portraits, her images are astonishingly honest and perceptive, exploring a type of beauty beyond the mere surface of makeup and clothing. I chatted with Levitt about her journey through the street style photography scene, how she captures personalities through the lens, and about how exploring video and technology will be taking her work to the next level.

  • INTERVIEW: Kurt Iswarienko, A-List Photographer

    Kurt Iswarienko is taking the photography world by storm. You may not know him now, but his name has been attached to some of the most iconic A-list actors in the business, from Benecio del Toro to Julianne Moore. He has had his hand in a number of major ad campaigns, and uses his background in cinema to master the art of shooting actors. We discussed his accidental career in photography, his sources of emotional inspiration, and how he has mastered the art of pulling out emotions through the camera lens.

  • 5 Reasons to Love the Platform Heel

    Manolo Blahnik, Tabitha Simmons and Bruno Frison all warned against wearing platforms. With all due respect, I can’t sit by and let them perpetuate this hate-speech, so below are 5 perfectly good (although perhaps not morally-sound) reasons to keep teetering on those stilettoed heels. [90s revival!]

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