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The One Word You Need To Survive In Any Country

With this single magic word, anything is possible.

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In French, it's "fromage."

In Spanish, it's "queso."

In Azerbaijani, it's "pendir."

In Basque, it's "gazta."

In Haitian Creole, it's "fwomaj."

In German, it's "käse."

In Estonian, it's "juust."

...and in Finnish, it's "juusto."

In danish, it's "ost."

In Chinese, it's "奶酪" (pronounced "nǎilào").

In Czech, it's "Sýr."

In Hungarian, it's "sajt."

In Icelandic, it's "ostur."

In Indonesian, it's "keju."

In Irish, it's "cáis."

In Italian, it's "formaggio."

In Japanese, it's "チーズ" (pronounced "chīzu").

In Korean, it's "치즈," pronounced "chijeu").

In Romanian, it's "brânză."

In Swahili, it's "jibini."

In Vietnamese, it's "pho mát."

Cheese is the great uniter. Cheese brings together people from all walks of life. Cheese does not discriminate.


Cheese is love.

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