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    13 Awesome Subscription Boxes For Everyone You Know

    Do all your holiday shopping without ever leaving home!

    1. Skoshbox: Japanese Snacks

    Skoshbox / Via

    Monthly price: $12

    This month's haul: Eleven snack assortments, including Yuki No Yado Custard, Mini Senbei Mix, Haihain Cracker, and assorted juice candies.

    Is it worth it? Yes! Twelve bucks is very reasonable for getting fun snacks delivered every month.

    More expensive alternative: CandyJapan — $25 for candy, delivered twice a month.

    2. Sock Panda: Fun Socks for Humans (Not Pandas)

    Monthly price: $11 for one pair, $22 for two pairs.

    This month’s haul: ???????? (Everyone gets different socks!)

    Is it worth it? Why not? Everyone loves socks, you can get two pairs each month, and they come in men's and women's sizes.

    3. Lullubee: Crafting Kits

    Price: $125/4 months, $244/8 months, or $346/year. Kits can also be purchased individually without a subscription, but the monthly surprise is half the fun.

    This month’s haul: a needle-felted mitten kit.

    Is it worth it? OMG YES. The price might seem high, but crafting is serious bizniz, yo.

    4. Taste Guru: Gluten-Free Snacks and Food

    Monthly price: $25–34 depending on plan.

    This month’s haul: cranberry flax, pizza dough, herbal tea, GetChia fruit chia bar, lentil chips, sweet potato chips, a fruit bar, and organic pancake mix.

    Is it worth it? Sure! Shopping for a gluten-free diet can be difficult and expensive, but Taste Guru makes it a little more convenient.

    5. Project DIY: Homemade Jewelry Kits

    Monthly Price: $27.50–30

    This month’s haul: The Joan of Arc collection (a wrist cuff and a necklace).

    Is it worth it? Maaaaybe. The jewelry kits might not be your style, and after a few months of jewelry making, you might feel confident enough to start buying your own materials and designing your own bling.

    6. Barkbox: Toys and Treats for Pups


    Monthly price: $19–29 depending on plan.

    This month’s haul: Boxes vary depending on the size of your dog, but typical boxes include chewtoys, bones, treats, and hygiene products.

    Is it worth it? Yes yes yes forever. $19 is a small price to pay for monthly dog bliss, and 10% of your subscription goes toward supporting a rescue group.

    If you're a cat owner, BestFriendBox has an option for cats.

    7. Birchbox: Sample-Size Beauty Products

    BirchBox / Via

    Monthly price: $10

    This month’s haul: Boxes are tailored to your online profile, but here's a sampling: Folle de Joie perfume sampler, Chella eyeliner/highlighter, nail polish, Tiossan Body Cream, and Sapar Equalizing Foam Peel.

    Is it worth it? Maybe. You only get samplers and sometimes you won't love what you get, but $10 is a small price to pay to discover new beauty products.

    More expensive alternative: Wantable — $36 for high-end, full-size products. Another alternative is Ipsy, which is the same price as Birchbox.

    8. Birchbox Man: Beauty Products For Men

    Birchbox Man / Via

    Monthly price: $20

    This month’s haul: Boxes vary depending on your profile, but here's a sampling: English Laundry Arrogant Shower Gel, shoe shine wipes, Dr. Brandt Microdemabrasion exfoliant, Vitamin C Moisturizing Balm, lip balm, a Wool Flannel Bow Tie, and an iPhone sticker.

    Is it worth it? Probably, if you're a man who's into skincare and smelling nice (or if you're dating a man who could use some sprucing up).

    9. Bike Loot: Goodies for Bikers

    Monthly price: $9–11 depending on plan.

    This month’s haul: Mazama bar, Grabber Warmers, Paper Shower towelettes, Vi endurance fuel, Bee's Knees peanut butter and honey spread, and Sqwincher tea concentrate.

    Is it worth it? Ehh. Maybe. Your serious biker friends are probably picky about their supplements and snacks, but this could be a fun way to help them discover alternatives.

    10. Homegrown Collective: Sustainable Seasonal Project Kits

    Monthly price: $39

    This month’s haul: DIY Cacao & Coconut Almond Milk and an "Evergreen Oil Lamp" kit.

    Is it worth it? Maybe. The sustainable, put-it-together-yourself projects are quaint, but $39 is fairly steep.

    11. Try The World: Curated Products From a New Global City Each Month

    Taste The World / Via

    Monthly price: $45

    This month’s haul: The service just launched and the first Paris-themed box includes tea, hot cocoa powder, chestnut cream, and artisanal salt. Following cities will be Tokyo, then Rio de Janeiro.

    Is it worth it? At $45, maybe not. But if you've got the cash, it seems like a fun box to get every month, especially for travelers.

    12. HammockPack: Products to Make You Feel Like You're On Vacation

    HammockPack / Via

    Monthly price: $25

    This month’s haul: winter birch soap, cinnamon spice tea, cinnamon maple almonds, gluten-free chocolate chip brownie, and hand-printed coasters.

    Is it worth it? Meh. The concept is cute but the products are sort of all over the place.

    13. Citrus Lane: Fun Stuff for Little Kids and Their Parents

    Monthly price: $25

    This month’s haul: an adorable nightlight, wooden rhythm stick, sea salt potato snacks, and a three-month digital subscription to Ladybug Magazine.

    Is it worth it? You betcha. The products are cute and useful and the service is a great deal.