18 Reasons You'll Never Get Over Ben Covington From "Felicity"

    Noel Crane who?

    1. Because he was good at both math and anatomy.

    2. Because he was toned but not, like, overly muscular, y'know?

    3. Because his hair was luscious and full of secrets.

    4. Because even when he cut it short, he was still dreamy.com.

    5. Because he was thoughtful, and would stop by just to say hi.

    6. Because he somehow managed to stay cute even while taking part in weird, reject Gap photo shoots.

    7. Because he was so sweet and forgiving, even when Felicity chopped off all her hair and caused ratings to plummet and almost got the show CANCELLED.

    8. Because he looked amazing dressed up, and he knew the perfect accessory to a tailored suit was a glowing smile.

    9. Because every time he bit his lower lip your heart skipped a beat or twelve.

    10. Because every time he looked like a hurt puppy, your heart dropped into your stomach, out your butt, through the earth and into outer space.

    11. Because he had so much love to give.

    12. Because he wasn't afraid to engage in #realtalk.

    13. Because he was honest about his feelings, even when it was hard to admit the way he felt.

    14. And because he was grown up enough to admit when he was at fault.

    15. Because he was always leaning in super close to Felicity, and you'd think, "I bet his breath smiles fresh all the time."

    16. Because he gave perfect hugs that made you think, "I bet he smells like fresh baked cookies all the time."

    17. Because even when he was spouting corny nonsense, it was still adorable.

    18. Because the choice between Noel and Ben was SO obvious, but Felicity took her sweet time and you got to stare at Ben for four whole seasons.