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    The 19 Most Irritating Aspects Of Going To Concerts

    On second thought, just take a bath and listen to Beyoncé on Spotify.

    1. First off, you can't see a show without paying a bunch of unnecessary charges to Ticketmaster.

    2. You have to wait around for AGES listening to some generic, nameless DJ.

    3. And then there's, like, two hours of weird opening acts.

    4. Standing around for hours is uncomfortable, so you constantly shift your feet around so they don't fall asleep.

    5. If you sit down in a chair, surly youths will ridicule you.

    Damn you, surly youths.

    6. Every time you think the headliner is starting and it turns out to just be another sound check, the disappointment is pure and crushing.

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    7. The music is usually too fuzzy, or too loud, or there's too much feedback, or you can barely hear the lead singer.

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    8. ...unless, of course, it's an acoustic show, in which case SNOOZEFEST.

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    9. There's always an ocean of smartphones extended above the audience, because everyone need a grainy video to put on Facebook that their friends won't watch.

    10. Bathroom lines are way too long, and trying to make small talk with other people in line is always awkward.

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    11. If you even make it to the bathroom, you feel like you'll catch all the diseases if you touch anything.


    12. Beer at live shows is CRAZY EXPENSIVE.


    13. And most venues don't allow you to bring water in. Don't they know that dehydration is deadly?

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    14. Finding ways to sneak in alcohol is always a hassle.

    15. Someone is constantly trying to forcibly push their way through the crowd to the front of the stage.

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    16. People try to mosh at the weirdest times. It could be Lilith Fair and you still might get elbowed in the face.

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    17. You get squished between sweaty, smelly people who breathe on you with their mouths.

    18. A million people trying to leave a concert venue all at once is probably what hell is like.

    19. The ringing in your ears seems to last for hours.

    But you deal with the frustrations, because you love the music.