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    In Case You Forgot, In 1992 An Actual Baby Had A Number One Hit Song

    The '90s were weird.

    French singer Jordy Lemoine was only four years old when his song "Dur dur d'être bébé! (It's Tough to Be a Baby)" rose to the top of the French charts.

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    The video was wild. Let's relive this oddball slice of musical history in which AN ACTUAL BABY SINGS A POP SONG, shall we?

    First things first: there was way too much early '90s high waisted underwear action going on in this video.

    Like, way too much.

    There's this whole sequence of events, which is honestly too much to even discuss coherently.

    Even Jordy himself can barely deal, and we're only like forty seconds into the video.

    His parents take a break to engage in some weird animalistic foreplay while Jordy cheers them on.

    They eventually make it to the park and it becomes very clear that this family is completely insane. What are they wearing? Does Jordy's mom realize it's not raining?

    Then there's some baby flirting.

    And then while the parents are most likely discussing a fourgy, the babies make their romantic escape.

    OK, what even.

    Stop it. You're babies. This is 1992.

    OK, whatever.

    The song was actually a minor hit in America, too. Jordy even performed the song at the World Music Awards.

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    Whitney Houston was confused.

    Prince was perplexed.

    In the mid nineties his music was banned from French TV and radio amid rising concerns he was being exploited by his parents. This is what Jordy looks like now.

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