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How To Make Two Tiny Festive Hats For Your Cat

Make sure your cat is as stylish as possible this New Year.

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1. A pen or pencil for marking your paper.

2. A bone folder for curling paper (you can also use the pen for this).

3. A ruler for measuring out paper.

4. Scissors for cuttin' dat paper.

5. A glue stick for makin' things stick (make sure it's non-toxic!).

6. Paper of your choice. It can be plain or patterned.

From the corner of a sheet of paper, cut a triangular shape. Each of the shorter sides should be about 3 inches long, and the longest side should be curved like the side of a circle. Don't worry about making the curve perfect; we'll be adjusting it later.

After that, snip a bit off the corner.

Using your bone folder, curl the paper so it's easier to glue into a cone shape. Otherwise, the paper might bend and wrinkle when you try and bend it into a cone.

Your pen will also suffice if you don't know what a bone folder is.


Trim the base of your cone funnel so that it lies flat, or at least flat enough. This is going on a cat's head, after all, and cat heads are varying degrees of lumpy and furry.

Take a moment to admire your work so far. Everyone is proud of you.

Cut a rectangular piece of different colored paper, roughly 3 inches by 2 inches. Then, make a bunch of little cuts on one end, stopping about half an inch from the other side. This is what they called "fringe" in the 1970s.

Use your bone folder again to curl the fringe (or your pen, if you still don't know what a bone folder is).


Once your fringe is all folded up, shimmy it into the smaller opening of your cone. If the opening isn't large enough, you can cut it larger.

Turn the hat over and squeeze a few drops of glue into the hat to keep everything intact. If you don't have liquid glue, use your glue stick on the base of the curly fringe thingy before you stick it into the hat.


OK, nevermind with that. Maybe your cat will be more cooperative later. Let's make a second hat in the meantime.


Hats were made by Adam Ellis and modeled by Maxwell the three-legged cat.


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