Have You Ever Noticed How Wildly Inappropriate The “Denver The Last Dinosaur” Intro Is?

Who knew dinosaurs were so weird?

1. Remember Denver the Last Dinosaur? Probably not, but here it is:

2. Wait a second. What are these lyrics? “He’s my friend and a whole lot more?” WHAT? He’s more than a friend?

World Events Productions

Yeah, he certainly looks like he’s more than just a friend.

3. Denver, stop. That’s a kid. You’re an allosaurus. Put your tongue away.

World Events Productions

4. During the lyric, “Shows me a world I never saw before,” Denver is clearly tripping balls. Is he giving these kids drugs?

World Events Productions

Somebody call child services, there are ’90s children being given hallucinogens by a dinosaur!!!

5. Ok, this is clearly sexual innuendo. EXCUSE YOU, DENVER.

World Events Productions

6. Then there’s this lyric: “Everywhere we go, we don’t really care if people stop and stare.”

World Events Productions

They’re staring because they’re onto your scheme, Denver.

7. “Come with me, children, down a tunnel of debauchery!”

World Events Productions

8. And at the end, Denver just winks. He knows what he’s doing. And he doesn’t care what you think.

World Events Productions

9. He’s a YOLOsaurus.

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