The 19 Biggest And Most Incredible Moments Of ‘13

Scandalous art, protesters sent to jail, and the hottest club jams!

1. Suffragists marched in some silly parade in March. Can you believe they want the right to vote? LOL, good luck, ladies!

Benjamin Moran Dale / Library of Congress / Via

2. The Mona Lisa, which was stolen 2 years ago in 1911, was finally found. Vincenzo Peruggia, an Italian patriot, had stolen it with the intent to return it to an Italian museum.

Musée du Louvre

Walter Littlefield /


3. The newspaper New York World published some weird puzzle thing called a “crossword.” It’s probably not gonna catch on.


4. Charlie Chaplin entered the film industry, signing a $150-per-week contract with Keystone. Get that paper, honey!

5. Speaking of film, The Squaw Man, Hollywood’s VERY FIRST MOVIE, was made this year. It’s definitely gonna be a huge hit next year in 1914.

6. Woodrow Wilson was elected president! So fetch. He’s totes gonna be a two term prez and win the Nobel Peace Prize someday.

G. V. Buck / Liberty’s Victorious Conflict: A Photographic History of the World War / Via

7. Gideon Sundback patented a hookless fastener called a “zipper.” Yeah, whatever. Buttons FTW!

Rabensteiner /

Dominique Toussaint /


8. Paul Émile Chabas tried to pass off some scandalous pornography as “art” in a Chicago gallery window, and enjoyed great success from the scandal. What a flop.

Metropolitan Museum of Art / Via

The scandalous piece of art was called “September Morn.”

9. The Woolworth Building was finally completed in April. Tallest building in the world, whaaaat! Suck it, Met Life Tower!

Library of Congress /

Library of Congress /


10. Phi Sigma Sigma, the first nonsectarian sorority, is formed at Hunter College in New York. It is BLASPHEMOUS and God will certainly smite America.

11. Remember the Great Dayton Flood in March that killed 360 people? RIP poor Daytonites, Gone 2 Soon.

12. Never forget the coal mining explosion in Dawson, New Mexico that killed 263 people. RIP Poor Dawsonites, Never 2B 4Gotten.

13. …also that coal mine explosion in South Wales that killed 439. Basically don’t work in a coal mine.

Library of Congress / Via

14. Death Valley hit 134 °F in July. That’s a new record for the United States, and will probably stay on the record books until about 2004 or so.

15. Camel introduced the first packaged cigarette. FINALLY. Cigarettes or so cool and great for your health, so smoke up!

16. L. Frank Baum wrote ANOTHER Oz book. This makes seven now. He said he was gonna stop but word on the street is he’s broke and had to start writing again.

Reilly & Britton / Via

17. In March the New York Giants signed Jim Thorpe, who’s kinda cute in a weird way, right?

Bain News Service /

United States Department of the Interior /


18. Marcel Duchamp caused a huge stir at the New York Armory Show with his painting “Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2.” People who were used to naturalistic art were SCANDALIZED.

Smithsonian Institution /,_1952).jpg

Philadelphia Museum of Art /


19. Billboard published its first ever list of best selling songs; Collins and Harlan’s “Melinda’s Wedding Day” is number one, and it’s a BANGER.

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