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    Posted on Jul 28, 2014

    The 23 Most Painfully Obvious Things That Have Ever Happened

    Wow — you don't say?

    1. This item's assurance that it was not touched by the hands of Martians.

    2. This warning for anyone with a throat.

    Or mouth.

    3. This brilliant analysis of the Swedish legal system.

    4. This extremely helpful weather and traffic report.

    WAFF-TV / Via

    5. This clarification of the differences between species.

    6. John's easy, do-it-yourself weather forecast.

    (You can buy your own, btw).

    7. This update to Maya Angelou's appearance schedule.

    8. When this trash can had been mistaken for an exit one too many times.

    9. This explanation of how rain works.

    10. This astute sports analysis.

    CSN / Via

    Go team, do the sport, win the points!

    11. This warning for those afraid that trees have developed magical powers of transportation.

    12. When this drink needed to clarify its ingredients.

    13. When this menu listed its dishes carefully.

    14. When the water of the day was as clear as can be.

    15. When this store was very upfront about what you can buy there.

    16. This helpful bathroom notice.

    17. This library's hours.

    18. The allergen information on this pack of eggs.

    19. This brilliant Facebook comment.

    20. This nutty observation.

    "May" is a bit of an understatement.

    21. This mathematical calculation.

    22. Pizza Hut's roadside advertising.

    23. And this, which I'm pretty sure is a broken chair.

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