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What Show Should Every TV Lover Have Seen?

Calling all TV fanatics: What series do you think is an absolute must watch?

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There are A LOT of TV shows out there these days.

Seriously — between broadcast, streaming, and cable, there were over 300 scripted shows that aired during primetime in 2014. THREE. HUNDRED.

But as any TV lover can tell you, there are some shows that just aren't worth your time — and others that you absolutely NEED to have seen.


Which is why we want to know — if you could recommend only one TV show to people, which show would it be and why?

Maybe you think that everyone should watch a groundbreaking comedy like I Love Lucy.


Or maybe you'd suggest a modern masterpiece like The Sopranos.


Perhaps you want to give praise to a show that was cancelled way before its time, like Enlightened.


But then again, maybe a long-running classic like ER is your pick.


Whatever TV show you would recommend, we want to know.

Comedy Central

Bonus points if it's currently available to stream online.

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