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What Is Your Dream Winter Travel Destination?

Some places are just better during this time of year.

Let's face it. Winter can get kind of...gross.

Flickr: 27398485@N08 / Creative Commons

And you just feel like you need to get away.

Maybe you're keen on skiing the slopes in Switzerland.

Flickr: bruchez / Creative Commons

Or you'd prefer a nice jaunt to the Caribbean.

Flickr: thesmiths / Creative Commons

Some places are just better blanketed in a light coating of snow.

Flickr: reinketelaars / Creative Commons

And some places are better without a single flake in sight.

Then again, sometimes there's just nowhere that can match up to the comforts of home.

Flickr: 8136496@N05 / Creative Commons

Wherever it is, we want to know your dream travel destination in the winter.

Flickr: iwona_kellie / Creative Commons

Share your favorite travel destinations in the comments!

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