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    17 Situations Germaphobes See Differently Than Everyone Else

    You want me to touch the bathroom door handle? With my hands?

    1. Riding the subway.

    2. Throwing away trash in a public setting.

    3. Actually, anything involving trash in general.

    4. Meeting someone new.

    5. Sharing food with a friend.

    6. Drying your hands.

    7. Opening doors.

    8. Sharing a drink.

    9. Using a water fountain.

    10. Going to the gym.

    11. Attending a party with chips and dip.

    12. When a pet eats from your dishes.

    13. Preparing to make dinner.

    14. Going camping.

    15. Making s'mores.

    16. Working in the garden.

    17. Buying groceries.