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31 People Who Will Make You Feel Better About Your Culinary Abilities

We can't all be 5-star chefs.

1. Anyone whose pot is overflowing with whatever this is.

2. The person who is American as apple pie. Really, really messed up apple pie.

3. Anyone who thinks this is a valid attempt at mac and cheese.

4. The person who managed to explode an egg.

5. Whoever managed to set fire to their pasta.

6. Anyone using a hairdryer and an iron as their main cooking utensils.

7. The person who forgot how to oven.

8. Whoever had the bottom (of the pot) fall out from under them.

9. The person who finally put that tennis racket to good use.

10. Anyone who literally can't get dried pasta off their pot.

11. Anyone who microwaves entire jars like this.

12. Anyone for whom Easy Mac isn't easy.

13. The person who warmed their food with computer chargers.

14. Anyone whose pot lid looks just like a spider web.

15. Anyone who needs new appliances after making a simple breakfast.

16. Whoever just couldn't cut this onion.

17. Anyone who's going to need a full kitchen remodel soon.

18. The person who almost ate a towel.

19. The person who totally nailed these pumpkin treats.

20. Anyone whose toast is going to be a little too burnt.

21. Anyone who can't even handle bread.

22. Anyone whose meal is so burnt, it looks like a hockey puck.

23. The person who didn't quite leave enough space in between cookies.

24. Anyone whose pan looks like it was just recovered from the bottom of the sea after 100 years of being taken over by coral and stuff.

25. Anyone whose food needs a vet.

26. The person who's going to have a hard time getting those out of the muffin tin.

27. The person who deformed their attempt at this adorable pancake.

28. Anyone who can't grasp hardboiled eggs.

29. The person who's going to have a lot of oven cleanup to do.

30. Whoever...um...this.

31. And Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle.