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The 31 Most Important Animal Cuddles Of 2013

In what was undoubtedly the best year ever for animal cuddling, these were the moments that stood out.

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1. When this little boy from Japan napped with his best friend in the whole world.

3. When this cat found the perfect nook for sleeping.

6. Any of the cuddles shared by these two.

8. When this pup found the best pillow in the house.

9. When these two did a little spooning.

And it didn't matter who was big spoon and who was little spoon because both positions were outstanding.

10. When Roku the cat cuddled up against his owner's hand.

11. When these bulldog puppies got nice and close and you almost passed out it was literally so adorable.

12. The time Corgnelius and Stumphrey showed us what brotherly love is all about.

14. When this cat peered into your soul during this moment of pure cuddling ecstasy.