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The 31 Most Important Animal Cuddles Of 2013

In what was undoubtedly the best year ever for animal cuddling, these were the moments that stood out.

1. When this little boy from Japan napped with his best friend in the whole world.

2. When these best friends reached pure nirvana.

3. When this cat found the perfect nook for sleeping.

4. When these sloths took their sweet, sweet cuddling time.

5. When this pug and this lamb only face-cuddled because any more and the world would have exploded from cuteness.

6. Any of the cuddles shared by these two.

(For real.)

7. When this cat crossed species lines to help comfort an injured pooch.

8. When this pup found the best pillow in the house.

9. When these two did a little spooning.

10. When Roku the cat cuddled up against his owner's hand.

11. When these bulldog puppies got nice and close and you almost passed out it was literally so adorable.

12. The time Corgnelius and Stumphrey showed us what brotherly love is all about.

13. This smooth pooch going in for the hug.

14. When this cat peered into your soul during this moment of pure cuddling ecstasy.

15. When these two kittens bathed in the sun-dappled light and relished the moment.

16. When this panda displayed some beautiful parental cuddling instincts.

17. When this guy discovered a loophole in the "no dogs on the couch" rule.

18. When this sloth worked up the courage to initiate an interspecies cuddle.

19. The time these lions showed their softer side.

20. When Ian Somerhalder gently held this puppy.

21. When these two decided to use their wheel for something other than running.

22. The time these two showed us that color doesn't matter — cuddling is cuddling.

23. When this puppy powered through his initial skepticism and learned to love the hugs.

24. When this momma and her kitty provided the cutest distraction ever during a college lecture.

25. The two-tier approach flawlessly displayed here.

26. The time the cuddles got so intense that these two practically merged together.

27. When these two kittens enjoyed some cuddles on their new bed.

28. And when these two pups enjoyed some cuddles on their new bed.

29. When this puppy was all, "What are you looking at?" and your heart melted a little bit.

30. The time this baby realized just how lucky he was to have a cuddle partner like this dog.

31. And when this baby was covered in tiny sleeping frenchies.