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    17 Struggles Of Having A Common Name

    Sorry, are you talking to me or to one of the other 20 people here with my name?

    1. You never know if someone is yelling for you or just another person with your name.

    2. And it's never clear if your boss wants to talk to you or one of the other five people in the office with your name.

    3. You have to deal with the same jokes OVER AND OVER.

    4. The first thing that comes up for your name on Google is DEFINITELY not you.

    5. Everyone thinks it's hilarious when you pass a restaurant or something that shares your name.

    6. You can never get an email address that even remotely resembles your name.

    7. And trying to get a good URL for your social media accounts or professional website is next to impossible.

    8. People ask if you're related to some random person just because you share a last name.

    9. People try to give you annoying nicknames to help remember you.

    10. People who don't put full names in their phones sometimes send you messages meant for someone else.

    11. You have to be really careful about who you enter into a relationship with.

    12. When someone with the same name friends you on Facebook for no apparent reason.

    13. People assume you share all the traits of fictional characters with your name.

    14. Or celebrities, who thus wreak havoc on your good name.

    15. Having a common name makes you more susceptible to identity theft.

    16. You can't ever really be classified as unique.

    17. And, to be honest, you totally wish you didn't have to deal with any of this.