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The 33 Defining Stages Of Celebrating Your Bar Or Bat Mitzvah

It's time to become an adult. L'chaim!

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7. You send invitations to all your friends, and you make sure yours stands out in case someone else from another temple has the same date as you.

13. And when it's time to carry the Torah around, you try to keep calm even though your quivering lip betrays how scary this moment really is.

14. Before the service can end, you have to deal with your parents making a really embarrassing speech in front of the whole congregation.

15. You leave the sanctuary and head over to the reception hall for a brunch of bagels and lox.

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It'll be hours before you've finished talking to LITERALLY EVERY FAMILY MEMBER, so eat up for energy.

26. Then it's time for the cake ceremony. You've carefully selected which song to play as each different family member comes up.

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