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18 Kids Who Are Way Too Sassy For Their Own Good

Kids these days.

1. The kid who doesn't have time for your bullshit, Snow White.

2. This kid, who's had enough with this paranormal crap.

3. This camper who really didn't feel like writing a letter home.

4. Annisa, who doesn't waste time "negotiating" with the Tooth Fairy.

(And Annisa's follow-up)

5. The boy who knows the best way to pick up a girlfriend.

6. Julian, who can't even deal with his mom's sunny disposition right now.

7. The kid making a (not so) subtle jab at mom's drinking habits.

8. Peggy, who honestly doesn't care if you think she's lazy because she's going to do whatever the hell she wants.

9. The most literal math student ever.

10. Katie, who needs you to understand that she's just grouchy in the morning, OK, so leave her alone.

11. This sidewalk-chalk vandal.

No, you are poop.

12. The student who postponed making his school escape plan until this artistic masterpiece was completed.

13. Alley, who was not joking.

Seriously, bring pie next time, or else.

14. The kid who has no remorse about his love of bodily humor.

"today at math the teacher was talking about basketballs, footballs, and baseballs and I started laughing because she said balls...So I got in trouble because I was laughing about her sayin balls."

15. The kid who is fed up with these farting accusations.

"PS you are mean"

16. The student who gave a great explanation for how they found their answer.

I is math.

17. Isaac, who really shouldn't be given a gun at age 3, but knows that if anything will do the trick, it's the promise of pizza.

18. And this kid, who is obviously not that sorry.

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