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    20 Reasons Why Being A Pessimist Really Isn't So Bad

    Pessimists unite!

    1. If someone stands you up, it's fine because you weren't expecting much from them anyway.

    2. Because you know never to presume anything.

    3. Or if they're rude to you, you've got your eye roll ready because you've had plenty of time to perfect your display of disappointment.

    4. And you're also prepared with a biting remark.

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    5. If you think about all the ways something might go wrong, you'll be more prepared to handle it if it does.

    6. That's why you know the importance of taking proper precautions in ANY situation.

    7. One study even suggests that pessimists actually face less risk of disability or death than their optimist counterparts.

    According to the study, "Perceiving a dark future...may contribute to taking improved precautions."

    8. Plus, pessimists are more likely to prepare for events like natural disasters.

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    9. But if something's not going well, a pessimist knows when to give in instead of getting stuck on an impossible task.

    10. Because you're just being realistic.

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    Sometimes life sucks and you've got to admit it.

    11. If things do go well, though...

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    12. It's all the more exciting because you hadn't been anticipating it.

    13. When your friends are feeling down, they know you won't be bothered if they complain to you.

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    +1 friendship points.

    14. There's tons of great art out there that deals with pessimism and the difficulties of life.

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    So you're basically on the same page as the greats.

    15. And let's not forget that pessimists do have things that they enjoy.

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    16. Like these awesome glasses.

    17. Or this book that gives advice for getting through all types of disasters.

    18. And even if everything else seems terrible, you've still got your little pleasures.

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    19. Just remember, if something is beautiful, a pessimist can appreciate it just like anyone else.

    20. Because most of all, a pessimist knows that you can’t fully appreciate life’s highs without recognizing its lows.